Welcome to the notary’s office of

Teodora Vutsova

The notary’s office has been working since 1998 under the management of Teodora Vutsova, registered in the notary’s chamber under № 033 with acting region Regional Court – City of Sofia

The office is situated on the first floor in sector “A” of the World Trade Center Sofia – “Interpred”, which is a member of the Association of the World Trade Centers.  The center has a modern look and has several parking lots for its visitors; there are also offices of “T B I Bank” and the Corp Trade bank as well as insurance offices. Near-by the building are also the offices of other trade banks.

Notary Teodora Vutsova and her team always try to achieve individual attendance to each client with the therefore needed care and competence. Citizens visiting the notary’s office can be sure that by presenting a document, all regulations and procedures in the law are valid, it is required  all documents to be checked and presented - notary’s  proceedings also. All explanations, interpretations, indications and directions are given, so that the client can be fully informed and sure into the actions that are being taken. Rapidity not influencing the quality of service is a main priority for our team. For the convenience of our clients, telephones are always available for booking an appointment to attend the office. The office has all kinds of modern technology. For further facilitations for our clients we offer electron banking.

Notary’s office Teodora Vutsova does all kinds of notary activities according to the law of the Republic of Bulgaria. All taxes are billed according to the Law for notaries and notary activity.